5 Golf Drills for Beginners

For golfers, and prospective golfers alike, getting to that level where you can honestly consider yourself as a good player takes time, but above all, it takes practice. We all have to begin somewhere. You do not just wake up with a perfect full swing, a perfect aim, and a perfect posture for the sport. Here are a few drills to start beginners off in their golfing game.

1. What Is In Your Bag Matters

What is in your bag is very important. The kind of clubs you pack to the course will determine how far and how well you swing at the course. The clubs should be just the right length for your height and just the right diameter for your hand size. Do not borrow a friend’s clubs if you plan to use it long term; there are golf club fitters who customize clubs for golfers. Whichever club it is; a driver, a short iron, or long; it needs to be perfectly fit to your physique. Once this is done, you are ready to begin some real golfing.

A full set of golf clubs is unnecessary for beginning players. A full set has 14 clubs, but being in the novice stage, you will need just nine or ten clubs. This will maximize the quality of your practice; cutting down the time you would have used just to select a club. You will want to take a pitching wedge, but leave behind the longer iron clubs (numbered lower than 5). Take the 5-iron, 7-iron as well as the 9-iron. For the hybrids, choose two clubs from the 2-, 3-, or 4-hybrid. If you have to take a driver, take one with a lot of lofts.

2. Take The Par 3 Course

The par three course is effective and great, even for professional players, for developing short-game skills. As a beginner, you probably have a lot of questions about the sport. The Par 3 course is set in place to help beginners develop their course management skills and understand golf better.

3. How Is Your Stance?

How you position yourself when taking a swing has everything to do with the outcome of the swing. Position your body in such a way that the width of the feet is a little bit wider than the width at the shoulders. This should ensure you have a stable base. Your knees should be slightly bent for a more solid position.

Depending on the kind of shot you want to take, the golf ball should be placed on the inside of the front foot, and the middle of your posture. Before taking a swing, take note of your hand grip; be it an overlay grip, or an interlocking grip. Keep your eyes on the ball when swinging, always. This is the number one secret to a good golf shot. There is usually a burning urge to see the exact path of the ball, try to resist it.

4. Taking The Swing

So you have the right clubs, you have the right stance that builds a balanced swing from the ground up, and you understand all there is to understand about golf. Finally, ready to take that swing?

For beginners, it is advisable to use pitching wedges more. Leave the driver behind for now; use the shorter clubs and build your confidence. When taking the backswing, the club head comes back over your shoulders following a flat plane. At the start of the swing, your right arm bends, and at the end, your left arm bends. You shift momentum at the top of the swing, and when you bring your hands down for the shot, make sure you back hip also follows through the ball. Right handed golfers tend to aim right, but this does not always guarantee that the ball will fly right. Your alignment is a key factor in this; the positioning of your feet, knees, shoulders, hips, and the club face.

Swinging at the waist is wrong. Golf requires that you swing at your hips, and when taking the downswing, remember to start with your hips and not your upper body. To understand this more, picture a baseball player; the lower part of their body usually starts the movement and then the upper part follows. You should do the same with your swing. Focus on mastering a swing that follows a consistent plane.

5. Practice, Practice, Practice

If you do it just once, you might as well never have done it at all. Use YouTube videos and practice sessions with friends to help you master the basics of the sport. There are professional golf practice services that help improve a golfer’s swing. Whatever you choose to do, make sure you are at the driving range often to help perfect your skill.

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