Thanks for stopping by my little corner of the internet to check out Active Zoned. I started this site as a result of my interest in having an active lifestyle. For some people, this means doing things like all out hardcore training for a triathlon. It’s not that serious for me. I enjoy spending time hiking, riding my bike, trying out new water sports, working out in my home gym and swimming when the weather permits it. I also do a fair amount of traveling and I always try to be active on those adventures. Though I’m not traveling to far away places to climb mountains, I am checking out the local hikes, renting a bike and walking everywhere that I can.

For me, an active lifestyle is choosing to be active when possible, whether that is an adventure like skiing in Vail, Colorado or just playing a game of basketball with friends. I’m certainly not an expert on fitness or anything like that. I just enjoy trying new things and sharing them with people.

Who am I? I maintain this site as a bit of hobby and as a way to catalog some of my travel adventures. I hope that you enjoy what you read here and that if you’re looking to be active that you find some inspiration on this site. And if you’ve got any questions for me, just hit me up on the contact page where you can shoot me a quick email.