Pure Fix Fixie Bike Review

The Pure Fix Fixie is a single-gear bike made by Pure Fix Cycles, one that is designed for ease of use in a city-based environment. It doesn’t have a whole lot of bells and whistles, but it looks great and it has an old-school style that will help it appeal to a wide range of cyclists.

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Top Features

  • Deep-Dish 50mm Wheels – Wide and long wheels that give you plenty of control on the road and an extra boost of speed when you need it most.
  • Removable Front Brake – If you run into any problem with your brakes or your wheel, the Pure Fix Fixie has a front brake that can be easily removed and replaced. This makes it easier to change your tire or perform any other kind of repair
  • Tig-Welded Steel Frame – A sturdy and long-lasting body that will resist the elements and withstand years of riding. It is also easy to clean with a rag and a little soapy water.
  • Lifetime Warranty – Each Pure Fix Fixie bicycle frame is protected by a lifetime warranty. So if it breaks down or otherwise fails, your frame will be replaced at no cost to you.
  • Flipping Rear Wheel Hub – This item lets you switch between single-speed to fixed gear with just a single flip of the hub.

Pure Fix fixed gear bike

What We Like About The Pure Fix Fixie Bike

  • Easy To Use – Single-gear bikes have an ease of use that you just can’t get with more complex multi-gear bikes. Anybody of any age can just jump on this bike and take off, making it appropriate for a wide range of people.
  • High-Quality Components – Pure Fix Cycle uses only the finest brand name components on their bicycles, including Kenda Tires and Tubes, Oury Grips, and a KMC Chain. This ensures that your bike is tough and able to withstand the rigors of riding.
  • American-Made – Pure Fix Cycles is a California-based bicycle manufacturer with years of experience building sturdy and reliable American-made bicycles. Buying from them helps support America know-how.
  • Simple Style – The Pure Fix Fixie is a gorgeous and elegant single-speed bike that fits the style needs of just about anybody. Whether you’re a college student looking to impress your classmates or a single mother looking for a gift for your son, this bike has you covered.
  • Ease Of Adding New Items – The simple design of the Pure Fix Fixie makes it easy to add items such as water bottles, lights, and bells, should you be so inclined. Though it probably looks best in its original design, it can easily integrate just about anything you want.
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What We Don’t Like About The Pure Fix Fixie Bike

  • Limited Warranty On Components – Unfortunately, all those nice brand name components are only covered with a one-year warranty. This means that if your brakes or chains fall apart two years later, you’re left covering the cost. While this is a typical warranty for bike components, it is nevertheless disappointing. Also, your warranty is void unless your bike is assembled by a professional.
  • Lack Of Power – The Pure Fix Fixie is not designed to be a high-speed bike and it lacks a little power compared to its multi-geared cousins. While it is easier to ride than them, it is disappointing to know you can’t reach the type of raw speeds they can hit.

Pure Fix Fixie bike

This Fixie Bike Is Best Suited For…

  • College students looking for a simple ride – The single-speed nature of the Pure Fix Fixie makes it perfect for most college campuses. This is especially true of any colleges located in larger cities.
  • First-time bikers who want a stylish bike – If you’re learning how to ride a bike for the first time, the Pure Fix Fixie is a great option. Its simplicity and elegant fashion make it an adaptable and engaging bike.
  • Anyone living in a large city – Mountain bikes with multiple gears are typically superfluous in a big city with easy to climb hills and paved areas. The Pure Fix Fixie is perfect for city riders and looks great riding in just about any city, though it might be tough in hillier areas.
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This Fixie Bike Is Not So Great For…

  • Anyone looking for an off-road or racing bicycle – The Pure Fix Fixie’s lack of multiple gears limits its ability to ride up and down rough terrain, and make it much too slow for any serious racer. It might still make a good casual bike for racers, though.

pure fix fixie review

The Verdict

If you’re looking for a high-powered bicycle that will blast you up and down mountains with ease, the Pure Fix Fixie is not for you. It is designed by Pure Fix Cycle as a city bike, one that is simple to ride, adaptable to a person’s needs, and fashionable to just about any group.

The simplicity of the Pure Fix Fixie, which may turn off some bikers, is in many ways its greatest strength. You don’t have to worry about changing gears as you ride and you won’t struggle to change your brakes or chains. What you have is an easy-to-use bike that, while simple, still has enough power and adaptability to make it an intriguing option.

So if you’re a first time biker, coming back to the sport after years of absence, or simply looking for an easy-to-use city-living bike, you can’t go wrong with the Pure Fix Fixie. Though not the fastest bike on the market, it’s sturdy build and stylish appeal should keep you satisfied for years to come.

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If you want a good, cheap fixie bike, then this one is a solid choice. Sure, it's not the best fixed gear bike on the market, but it does offer a good value for the money. Perfect for casual riders or those on a budget.